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Live in Loops is the perfect App for your music sessions. Allowing to play your favorite genre, for how long you want, and explore your creativity like none other app before.

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Featuring a unique Multi-track Player

Every Loop is a multi track song, allowing to explore your creativity. Our custom player allows you to choose what to do in every track: mute, solo and and adjust volumes. Change Tempo and Record yourself.

Over 90+ songs with seamless loop

Your favourite genre, multiple loops each with multiple drum tracks, allowing you to explore several ideas and play for how long you want. With many more loops and videos released frequently.

Choose the Genre

From Soul to RnB, Rock and many more. You’ll find lots of different songs to explore.

Your Favourite Loop

Add your favorite songs and videos to a list so you can easily reach them.

Change the Tempo

Adjust the Tempo of every loop on the go, without ever stop playing.

Turn Tracks on or off

Turn the individual tracks On or Off for every loop. With Solo and Mute track functionality.

Record your session

One track to record yourself and to listen whenever you want.

Video Lessons

Includes video lessons on all genres to help you explore and take your skills to the next level.

For Musicians, by a Musician

“I’ve been a drummer pretty much all my life and I’m really passionate about music and drums. Few years ago, while I was studying at Drummers Collective in New York, I started this Live in Loops concept and method. The main idea is to explore the creativity with this amazing multi-track playalong, great to my practice time or to playalong with friends sharing ideas. Live in Loops allows me to play whatever I want, wherever I am and I´m really excited to share it with you. Most interesting part? This is for all musicians, any level, any part of the world.“ “

André Silva

It's your turn now

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Imagination will take you everywhere